To assure the quality of our products, we employ our own certified technicians. We possess perfectly equipped workshops. Our technical staff makes use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment, modern machinery and innovative tools that fit to all the brands and types of diesel engines. It helps us to work as efficiently and accurately as possible.
New engines are completely disassembled and, once dismantled and checked, putted into our stocks. The same procedure and treatment is applicable for used engines and parts that we recondition with the greatest care.
We disassemble everything to the smallest possible parts and we clean these parts ultrasonic and/or by blasting. After the technical inspection - for possible cracks (by magnafluxing), the exactness of the dimensioning and the overall consistency and fitness - our engineers assemble the desired part in accordance to the specifications. After that we do the final check, followed by the conservation and packing. Toes guarantees quality. We only supply parts that meet the highest standards and that have passed the appropriate inspections.